Why People Love Wireless Home Security Systems

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Wireless Home Security SystemsHave you considered installing one of the many wireless home security systems available on the market today? As we all know, there are currently two kinds of security equipment and home monitoring alarm security systems – there are wired systems and wireless ones. Home security systems that rely on wired equipment have obviously been on the market for the longest amount of time. These systems are hardwired directly into the electrical system of a home and often times its landline. But recently we have seen that home security alarm systems that utilize wireless equipment for home monitoring have gotten much more desirable due to their enhanced flexibility as they are much simpler to install, to operate, to upgrade, and even move into another house.

Let us look at all of the pros and cons of both types of home security alarm systems.

Pros of Wired Home Security Systems

Extremely Reliable Home Monitoring. Due to the fact that wired systems do not rely on sensors that are communicating through a radio frequency, they are amazingly reliable. So long as the all the wires are in good condition and aren’t damaged, or their phone lines aren’t snipped or nicked, wired home monitoring systems are not as likely to fail as wireless models.

Easier to Maintain Security Equipment. After a wired home security alarm system has been installed by a professional during its initial setup, there really isn’t much at all for a homeowner to worry about in term of maintenance. There is perhaps a few battery changes that are required, but most of the time that is performed by the security service.

Perfect for Large Spaces. Security systems which have wired equipment are capable of handling many more sensors than wireless home security systems. These wired setups are also able to easily monitor several different multiple buildings on the same piece of property.

Not as Vulnerable to Outside Hacking. The fact is that wired equipment is a lot harder for cyber criminals to hack than most wireless equipment. A criminal would have to physically link and connect directly into a wired system in order to gain access to it.

Most Preferred by Experts. Security systems that are hardwired are most preferred by experts and big corporations. The primary reason is they are more secure, more reliable, and more consistent.

Typically More Features are Offered. Hardwired security system generally offer many more features than wireless home security systems. For instance, they can provide several control panels in various locations and rooms. And all of these added features are provided in high-definition home video surveillance.

Cons of Wired Home Security Systems

Much More Expensive. While experts and professionals recommend installing wired security equipment, they are usually not the ones who have to foot the bill for such expensive installation fees. Hardwired systems are much more difficult to install because most structures and most home do not have existing the required low-voltage wires, so new holes and wire pathways must be drilled and installed.

More Vulnerable to Attack. Home burglars know that wired security systems are easily disabled. They just have to cut power to the house and the system becomes useless.

Very Permanent. When wired security system equipment has already been installed, it is not worth the hassle and cost to remove the installed if you were to move to a new house. This means that you will usually have to pay full price for a new installation at your new place.

Generally Controlled from Just One Location. A home security system control panel is usually the heart of your entire home monitoring system. And hardwired systems are both armed and disarmed from that one main control panel—unlike wireless home security systems which can usually be remotely operated. And homes with multiple floors could even need a separate control panel for each floor.

Pros of Wireless Home Security Systems

Can Be Installed Quickly. Installing a wireless home security system is both easy and quick. The main reason for this is that no tricky wiring or drilling is required at all. In fact, most of these wireless systems are DIY.

Very Easily Removed. Since there are no wires at all to pull out of your walls or no need to call professionals, wireless security system equipment is amazingly simple and easy to remove. This is actually perfect for families who rent as they can quickly install a home security alarm in any home they choose to rent. And then later they can take it with them into another home they decide to rent later.

It’s Wireless. While this sounds like a given, there are some great advantages to using wireless systems. The biggest advantage is that it cannot be disarmed by cutting a few wires. In fact, unless you have access, it cannot be disarmed at all.

Easily Modified and Upgraded. A wireless home security system can be very easily and quickly upgraded and modified because there is no need to rewire anything. These kinds of systems will also permit you to add and move sensors at will. Techies that enjoy tinkering with electronics will love flexibility of these wireless systems.

Remotely Accessible. The beautiful thing about these wireless pieces of equipment includes is that a remote key fob will allow you to disarm and arm the system from virtually anywhere at all. It is because these systems can communicate through cellular technology that allows you to operate your system from any mobile device. This is amazingly convenient because you do not have to be in front of the main control panel to activate its given functions.

It Works With your Home’s Automation System. This is a huge advantage. With all of the new and useful home automation systems that are available on the market today, these home wireless alarm systems will sync easily to several home automation features. Techies really love the flexibility of these home wireless systems and the way they can be a part of their overall home control system. Today’s smart homes can automatically do things like locks doors and windows, control lights, control thermostats, and now they can arm and disarm the wireless home security alarm system as well. What can be better than that?

Cons of Home Wireless Security Systems

Vulnerable to Radio Interference. Even though this is quite uncommon, a wireless alarm system is susceptible to radio interference —the same as when cellphones struggle to find a signal. There are many potential causes for this interference such as electromagnetic fields that come off of power lines or remote controls in the immediate area, also there are certain types of walls that can block or impede these signals sometimes.

Battery Operated. Most wireless systems operate on batteries, so they are always dependent on the lifespan of these batteries.

Distance Limitations. There are certain limitations of some of these sensors. Many of them operate at distances like 500 feet or so.

Risk of Being Hacked. Nowadays we have to be mindful of cyber criminals and what types of electronic signals we are generating. Criminal have gotten very skilled at hacking into electronic systems that rely on the air waves to propagate their signals. Before buying a wireless home security system, make sure that you fully understand its vulnerabilities to hacking and what you can do to help protect your sensitive information.


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